Incredible India

India is land of immense culture and geographic diversity. The religion, people, historical monuments, cultural variations, sacred rivers, holy mountains, pristine Himalayan peaks and lush green valley feature India as perhaps the most fabulous destination of the East. Its unique civilization represents the entire South Asia, and India offers incredible opportunities of travelers to experience a vast range of activities.

Explore Himalaya offers a variety of products in India. Our operation involves everything from desert safari in Rajasthan to an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, and from Buddhist sites in Northern India to an adventure treks in Sikkim, Ladhak or Garhwal Himalayas.

Facts About India

Capital City: New Delhi
Population: 1,126,000,000
Language:Hindi, English & 21 other official Language
Currency: Rupee (INR)
Religion: 80% Hindu, 14% Musilm, 2,4% Christian, 2% Sikh, 0,7% Buddhist, 0,5 % Jains%
Area: 3166414 + km s
18,147 sq mi
Calling Code: +91uddh
Goverment: Federal Republic
2% other

Highlights of India

Makha Valley Trek
Kinnaur Kailash Trek
Rajasthan Tour
Golden Triangle